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  • I value fencing’s continual focus on courtesy, civility, good sportsmanship, and in fun and creative play. I enjoy reflecting upon fencing as a classic art, with traditions that are honored and respected. Fencing can allow each individual to grow, to achieve their personal goals, and to strive for control of mind and body.
                    Gayle Chavez

  • I enjoy the technical and physical demands of fencing as well as the joyful camaraderie of fellow fencers.
                    Bryan Gorges

  • Fencing appeals to all ages. As a senior citizen it provides me excellent aerobic exercise and maintenance for balance, mental stimulation, and best of all, camaraderie and fun!
                    Mārta Lepes

  • I believe in the joy of fencing in all its facets:  classical to modern, recreational to competitive.
                    Ben Blakemore

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